Tuesday, January 3, 2017

01 - Canadian immigration lawyer Mark Holthe

This feels like a first day of school, it really does.
While I have been podcasting in Flemish for many years, and even tried a short-lived podcast in English a few years ago, I am super excited to (re)start my podcasting adventures in English today.

This show aims to be my personal podcast with a distinct Canadian flavour. And who am I, you might ask? I am Lode Roels, a Belgian-Canadian journalist living in Europe with my wife and two daughters.

In this very first episode, I am introducing myself and the podcast. The bulk of this episode is a great and interesting conversation with Canadian immigration lawyer Mark Holthe, based in Alberta. Mark is helping people who are searching for answers to their immigration questions. Last but not least, there's a story about one of Canada's natural treasures: Tim Hortons.

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